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Environment protection

AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA SA holds an environment authorization no. 61/8.03.2012 valid through 8.03.2022.
AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA SA abides by the legal provisions in force, as well as by the ECO - EFFICIENCY strategy regarding environmental issues of Airbus Helicopters and Airbus.

Environment protection is a priority for our company and it observes the following principles:
- AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA SA undertakes that its products and activities observe the legal provisions and rules in force;
- AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA SA evaluates the environment aspects and establishes actions to reduce/eliminate significant impact on the environment which fall under an environment management program;
- AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA SA promotes transparency, regular reporting of environment performance under the form of environment registrations which are transmitted to the local/national environment authorities as well as to the Airbus Helicopters and Airbus;
- AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA SA has requirements and expectations regarding the environment protection both from its products and services suppliers;
- AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA SA employees are trained on environmental protection in the area where they work.

The technological processes for the repair, overhaul of aircraft activities take place in a production hall which is equipped with extra workshops (components warehouse, hazardous materials workshop, painting workshop for rework of small-size simple parts equipped with a paint oven with an exhaustion installation).

The toxic emissions in the atmosphere are yearly monitored.

The wastes (hazardous and non-hazardous) are collected selectively, deposited in specially created places and delivered to the authorized residues pick-up companies.

The technological processes as well as the products resulted from AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA activity do not generate a significant impact on the population health or the surrounding environment.

Since July 15, 2012, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA has also been operating an environmental management system, implemented according to the requirements of ISO 14001. In this regard:
- The company's environmental policy was defined and afterwards approved by the General Director - Mr. Serge DURAND (Environmental Policy);
- Tasks were drawn up for each job and an internal structure with multiple responsibilities was created for effective environmental management system operation (Responsibilities of the Environment Committee).
The certification of the environmental management system was obtained in November 2012, in partnership with the Bureau Veritas certification body.

The significant environmental issues are monitored by AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA in accordance with the Environmental Permit no. 61/08.03.2012. The results of the VOCs emissions analysis at the painting workshop show compliance with the ELV emission limit value established by Law 278/2013 and Order 756/1997.

The record of waste is kept monthly according to Law 211/2011 and GD 856/2002 and a Specialist in waste management is appointed and trained.

At the company's headquarters a Suggestions and Complaints Register is available at all times and any observation of third parties (including the local community) regarding the environmental impact of the activities carried out by AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA can be recorded therein.

AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA fully assumes the continuous mission of environmental and pollution prevention!


Environmental Policy

April 11, 2019