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Fit for Future - 2016

Between February and May 2016, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA is taking part, alongside with other companies in the area of Brasov, in the project The week of Professional Information - Fit for Future. The initiative of this project belongs to the German Economic Club in Brasov and aims to offer to 11th grade students the opportunity to get to know a company and also to ease their decision making process while choosing their own profession.

The high schools which are taking part in the project this year are: “Transilvania” Technical College, “Johannes Honterus” Theoretical College, “Remus Radulet” Technical College, “Grigore Moisil” National College, “Andrei Barseanu” Economic College, “Andrei Saguna” National College, “Aprily Lajos” National College, Unirea National College and “Dr. Ioan Mesota” National College.

During the week 22nd - 26th February, 2016, the companies participating in this project present their offers for internship and their activities in Brasov high schools.

AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA offers 6 practical internship places in the technical field: Maintenance and helicopter repairs, Production Engineering and Design Engineering.

The period to send in the CVs is 23nd February - 7th March, 2016. CVs shall be sent on the following website:

The practical training period is for one week: 4th - 8th April, 2016, in which the students will get to know the activity of the company, the operational flow of the company, the components of a helicopter, the way a helicopter engine operates, helicopter avionics and electronics, as well as many more.

The last day of the internship one-week period is dedicated to the preparation of a presentation carried out by the students regarding what they have learned in AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA. The presentation of the company will be performed by the students in front of their colleagues, company’s directors, headmasters of the high schools, national colleges and technical colleges, as well as their parents, grandparents and friends, in the frame of a ceremony. The feedback festivity is scheduled for May 2016, at Kronwell Hotel.

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